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How to add a featured image in a post or page in WordPress?

How to add featured image

How to add a featured image in a post or page in WordPress?

The image just above this text is a featured image. You might be wondering how to add a featured image in your WordPress. If so, read on rockstar! This is going to be as easy as pie for you.
To insert an image as the main visual element of your page or post, you need to use the Featured Image feature. Sign-in to your WordPress admin page first, then go to the page or post edit screen where you can then click on Set Featured Image in the right sidebar of your edit screen. Just click on Set Featured Image and select the source (it could be from your computer, an internet link or your Media section).

Bonus hint: If you are using the latest version of the PixelRockstar Photo Plugin you can also add images directly with PixelRockstar using the Featured image option.

To clarify, the path to this is via Add Post or Add Page below Posts or Pages and there you will see the Add Featured Image button as part of the edit screen. Follow this path Posts » Add New post » Click Set Featured Image button
The image will appear in the Featured Image meta box, like this:

Featured image shown in Media Library

If you can’t find the featured Image feature in your editing screen of your post or page, then click on the Screen Options button in the top right corner of your WordPress edit screen and check the featured image checkbox. It should appear right away.

Help to find Featured Image

What the heck is a Featured image?

Featured Images are a theme feature. Most themes, for example Genesis, support featured images since it adds to each page or post a unique visual identifier. It’s generally a very popular feature for all kind of themes like blogging, news, restaurant or photography themes.

An image can appear in various forms depending on the theme. The settings on how your featured image will appear are set by your theme developer. If you need to change the settings for featured images you need to do a little coding. Editing a theme needs some HTML & CSS skills.

Featured image vs Post Thumbnail

Back in WordPress 2.9 post thumbnails were introduced, but in the next version WordPress 3.0 the name was changed to featured images and has stuck to that since then. So if you see anywhere on the web the name post thumbnail it is referring to featured image. Here is a great guide on WordPress image sizes you should check out.

Now you have learned all the important basics about how to add a featured image to your WordPress posts & pages. So go ahead and try them out. Using the PixelRockstar plugin you can search (give it a try here) in a database of around 4 million images and add images to your posts and pages in seconds, saving your time for creating awesome content for your audience.

Alex Preukschat

A WordPress publisher since 2008, Alex loves the open source Internet. During his many years of publishing experience, he had been missing a tool to help online publishers to quickly add affordable images to WordPress, without having to worry about legal issues. This is why he decided to create PixelRockstar with Amos. Alex is interested in superheroes, monetary policy and Bitcoin.

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