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Blogger Interview: Dr.Curious

Blogger Interview: Dr.Curious


I’d like to introduce Dr. Curious, who is, surprisingly, a doctor married to a pediatrician wife. He’s – having fun. I mean, he is blogging for fun, and exploring the world of frugality, investing and balance. That itself is a great path to hold a good pile of freedom in life and make space for the family and friends. His blog My Curiosity Lab is a great source of inspiration. Hey, let’s push the boundaries of what’s possible!

My Curiosity Lab

Well, back to the tech stuff. I’d like to find out where in the Doctor’s publishing process is the fun part, and where’s the biggest pain. And also if there’s a space for improvement, in the area of photo related tasks.

Dr. Curious InterviewHey, How You Got Into Blogging?

Previously I blogged about my profession—radiology—but following the birth of my first child, I felt compelled to increase the breadth and depth of the topics about which I was writing. My Curiosity Lab was an effort to explore what life has to offer outside of work. You could call it a midlife crisis of sorts, without the fancy sportscar.

What About Future? Is Taking the Family to a Humanitarian Mission in Sight?

I love the creative outlet of blogging, and I don’t see myself stoppng anytime soon.

My wife and I often contemplate this question. We love travel, and are considering an extended trip after we retire, possibly when our children are still young. I could see the blog morphing into a travel blog if we take such a trip.

Are You Happy With WordPress?

I’m quite happy with it, although I don’t have experience with any other platforms for comparison. The options for themes and plugins seem endless; it helps being the biggest boy on the block sometimes.

Mountains & Dr. CuriousWhat Eats The Most Time in Your Routine?

In these early days of my blog, the focus is squarely on content, content, content. I am currently writing 2 original posts per week, published Wednesday and Saturday.

Depending on the length and research required, it might take me anywhere from 4-8 hours to write a post. It’s no small feat to find that amount of time some weeks, given a full-time medical practice and 2 children (and a dog). Early mornings and no TV are a must.

Working With Photos is a Piece of Cake For You?

I have loved photography for most of my adult life; I wouldn’t call myself an expert, but I am comfortable editing RAW photos from my DSLR. These days, my iPhone can take some pretty incredible photos as well.

My biggest struggles are related to keeping my photo archive searchable and organised.

Do You Use Paid Photos or Prefer Free Archives?

I am lucky to have a large number of personal photos that I use 99% of the time on my blog. On rare occasions that I want a specific photo that I don’t have, I have turned to Wikimedia Commons.

Image Licensing – Do You Know it Well?

Apart from the concept of public domain images on websites such as Wikimedia, I must plead ignorance to this subject. Maybe you can enlighten me!

Vita: Yes I can! The critical piece of knowledge is to distinguish between the copyright on the photograph and the subjects in the picture. We have a series of articles about the subject and would like to help with the enlightenment a little.

Any regrets Related to your Blog?

I think I’m too early in my blogging career to have any regrets, but I’ll let you know in a year or two!

I’d Like to Jumpstart my Blogging, Where to Begin?

A fellow physician blogger, Physician on Fire, has a great resource for beginner bloggers on his website. Financial Samurai has a similar how-to guide for creating a profitable blog.

The most important advice, however, would be to start writing and start posting. There is a lot to learn in blogging, and much of it is best learned in practice rather than theory. Come join the crew of fantastic personal finance bloggers!

Vita Valka

Vita creates all things visual. Managed Pixmac microstock agency a while ago. Designed hundreds of WordPress websites & created a pile of stock illustrations. Experienced freelancer who loves working on the road.

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