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Blogger Interview: White Coat Investor

James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP

Blogger Interview: White Coat Investor

Our goal is to empower the blogger community. Now we’re adding the Blogger Interview. We will interview successful WordPress bloggers and publishers, and they will share with us (and with you) the keys to their success and their experience with blogging in the WordPress world. A great opportunity to learn from the best!

The White Coat Investor

For our first Blogger Interview, I’d like to introduce to James M. Dahle (Jim, to his friends), a full-time Emergency Medicine doctor, whom is also an investor and investing advisor running his own blog, The White Coat Investor, focused in investing advice for medicine professionals. Jim’s impressive set of activities, and his expertise that certainly helps him understand the value in life better than most of us, make his successful blog a great inspiration for all bloggers. 

White Coat Investor Graphics

I was very interested in hearing Jim’s opinions on blogging! I wanted to know whether the publishing process is the fun part or the biggest pain for him, and what are his thoughts on the potential for improvement in the space. 

Let’s dive-in right away…

Jim, How You Got Into Blogging?

I became passionate about helping other doctors stop doing dumb stuff with their money after educating myself about finances over several years. After a few years of helping on various internet forums, I got sick of typing the same thing over and over again and decided to start a site so I could just link to the answer to their question instead of typing it all out again. I swapped a few emails with bloggers I liked, read up on what it takes to be successful as a blogger, and then in May 2011, launched The White Coat Investor which has grown beyond my wildest dreams.

James M. Dahle, MD, FACEP

What Does your Future Withhold? Blogging or Going on a Help/Rescue Mission Somewhere?

I think it is ideal to create a life you don’t feel a need to escape from. I’m essentially financially independent now, so my life is pretty darn close to what I really want it to be like. I spend time practicing emergency medicine, running The White Coat Investor empire (blog, podcast, youtube channel, forum, conference, newsletter, book etc), raising my children, and adventuring around the world. I suspect there will be some mission work in our future at some point, but for now we’ll keep doing what we’re doing.

I had a dream to build a hospital in Africa, but later switched to giving back to my friends & community. What’s your view?

I think it is good to help both those nearby and those far away. It feels good to help those nearby because you can see the results easily, but your dollars sure go further in Africa than downtown!

Is WordPress the Platform You’re Happy With?

I never really tried anything else and it seems to work fine for most of my purposes. It was a little tricky designing my forum on WordPress, but that’s about my only complaint.

Your Creative Routine – What Eats The Most Time?

As an emergency doc, I have no routines and don’t really like them anyway. My biggest time suck is probably dealing with emails. The auto-responder helps a lot, but I’m only halfway through the day and I’ve already got 40 emails today. There’s a lot of gems in there though.

Working With Photos is a Piece of Cake For You?

Everyone says blog images are important, so I’ve tried to use them, but it sometimes feels like more hassle than it’s worth.

Do You Use Paid Photos or Prefer Free Archives?

I was disappointed with what I could get from free archives. I’m also somewhat disappointed by the price and selection of paid photos. So mostly I use photos I take myself with my iPhone. The best part of doing that is I can pay my kids as models and subtract that expense from my taxable profit.

Vita: Wow, that’s how an investment and finance expert does it! Thank you, Jim,  for the inspiration. I’ll may be hiring my kids too, although I should probably wait until they learn how to read.

Image Licensing – Do You Know it Well?

While I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, I think I know and follow the rules. I have copyrighted material too and I don’t like when it gets stolen.

Vita: That’s why we write about it in articles about image copyright.

Any regrets Related to your Blog?

I wish I’d started an email list sooner. I should have charged more for ads in the early years too. But no, the learning process has been fun.

Book The White Coat Investor

I’d Like to Jumpstart my Blogging, Where to Begin?

Attending the FinCon conference and seeing what is possible and what other people are doing is a great way to give yourself a jumpstart. If you want your blog to pay you, you need to treat it like a business and invest time in it like any other small business. But make sure it’s a winning idea first!

Thank you, Jim!

Vita: I’d also like to mention that Jim wrote a bestselling book for doctors to learn a bit about how finance work. A significant nail into the “doctors can’t do finance” coffin.

Vita Valka

Vita creates all things visual. Managed Pixmac microstock agency a while ago. Designed hundreds of WordPress websites & created a pile of stock illustrations. Experienced freelancer who loves working on the road.

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