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Where to find an image URL in WordPress?

Where to find an image URL in WordPress?

For a Rockstar discovering WordPress, it can be sometimes overwhelming to taken in all the amazing features this platform has to offer, and to find their way around them.

This article is the first of many where PixelRockstar will cover all aspects you need to know about using images within WordPress.

Where to Find an Image URL in WordPress

Once you upload an image to WordPress, the system will automatically assign an URL to that image, based on its file name. Finding this image URL is very simple.

All you have to do is click on the “Media” section on the right of your Dash

Once you you upload an image file to WordPress the system will assign automatically an image URL to the image based on the file name. To find the image URL the only thing you have to do is to click on the Media section on your Dashboard, to the left of your screen. This will open the Media Library hosting all the images you ever uploaded to the platform, so you simply select any of them and click it.

Open your WordPress Media Library and click on a Image on the right side

Once you click on an image, a popup with a larger version of the photo will appear. This popup includes all relevant information about the chosen file, such as the title, caption, alt text, description, and of course the image URL, which is where your image “lives” on your server. And that’s it, you’ve found the image’s URL and you can simply click and copy it.

Image URL in WordPress Media Library

How to use an image URL from WordPress?

WordPress image URL is very useful to access the original version of an image uploaded, and to use it in other web locations faster and easier.

To see the “raw” image, simply open the image URL in a new browser window or tab. Now you will be able to re-download this image to your local drive.

You can also use the image URL to embed the image in your social media channels – for this you must check the license you have for the image allows you to do so. With PixelRockstar you don’t have to worry, as our custom Digital License enables use in social media. And the same goes for many other digital uses you might think of.

At PixelRockstar we created our custom Digital License specifically to support WordPress online publishers and marketers, and so our usage terms allow for multiple, valuable digital uses. Check our Digital License summary and discover all you can do with PixelRockstar images.

Alex Preukschat

A WordPress publisher since 2008, Alex loves the open source Internet. During his many years of publishing experience, he had been missing a tool to help online publishers to quickly add affordable images to WordPress, without having to worry about legal issues. This is why he decided to create PixelRockstar with Amos. Alex is interested in superheroes, monetary policy and Bitcoin.

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