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Thank you for choosing PixelRockstar. Let us show you how to get started. It’s quick and easy. You can either follow these 4 quick steps, or the full installation guide below.

If you run into problems, simply contact us here!

  1. Check your WordPress version 3.x or newer is needed (tested up to 4.6)
  2. Buy one of our Packages to be able to download images and to optain a API-Key

Quick Steps

  1. Search and install the PixelRockstar Plugin within your WordPress Website Dashboard
  2. Add the API-Key we have sent you and which you also find in your account settings
  3. You are good to go – just click the “Add Stock Photo” button in any post

Download & Install and Activate the Plugin

  1. You can find PixelRockstar in the WordPress Plugin Directory this means you can now easily install it with two clicks within your WordPress Dashboard following this installation guide.(NOTE: You need a self hosted WordPress.org website to install external plugins such as PixelRockstar. The plugin does not work on WordPress.com rented website.)
  2. Click on “Plugins” and “Add New” in your WordPress Dashboard
  3. Now just simply search for “PixelRockstar” in the “Search plugins” form. You will then see the PixelRockstar plugin as result.
  4. Now simply click on “Install now” to install it
  5. And “Activate”
  6. Now just go to “Settings” to enter the API-Key we have sent you and which you can find in your account
  7. Just enter the API-Key we gave you to activate your plugin
  8. You are good to go now and your amount of downloads will show up as well as other subscription information
  9. Now click on “Add Stock Photo” in any post to start using and downloading images

OPTIONAL: Manual Installation and Activation of the Plugin

  1. After the download, go to your WordPress admin, that usually sits at yourdomain.com/wp-admin and log-in with your own WordPress credentials.
  2. Download our Plugin from the WordPress Plugin directory manually
  3. Go to Plugins and click on Add New and then Upload Plugin
  4. Locate the pixelrockstar.zip file that you’ve just downloaded on your computer and upload it to your WordPress admin by using Choose and Install Now. In a few seconds you should see a success message. If you don’t see it or see an error, contact us at hello@pixelrockstar.com and we’ll help you.
  5. Activate the Plugin by clicking Activate
  6. Now follow the step above to add your API-Key in the settings

Still need help or have questions?

If the installation or prepayment fails, feel free to contact us via email at hello@pixelrockstar.com and we’d help you as soon as possible. In case of emergency we’re guick and supportive even at early or late hours.