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Watch the Video! How the Wapuu Magic Happened at WordCamp Europe in Vienna

Watch the Video! How the Wapuu Magic Happened at WordCamp Europe in Vienna

The PixelRockstar team invited Wapuu for a drink at the beach in sunny Spain, to talk about the cool things we would be doing in Vienna at the WordCamp Europe 2016.

As we were drinking and chatting, Wapuu suddenly had an idea and shouted out in excitement: “I want to share LOVE at WordCamp with my all my friends!” And he continued: “I want to give people Polaroids so they can remember Wapuu lovvveee and all the great moments!”

We looked at Wapuu in astonishment, and tried to explain to him that Polaroids no longer exist, that today’s digital nomads liked to take digital pictures and that they in fact tried to avoid physical burdens. But Wapuu was positively stubborn, and insisted this was the way he wanted to give LOVE back to the WP world. His determination was contagious, and soon we were working to make his idea come true.

The whole team started researching for old Polaroid cameras and film or alternatives to take similar pictures. Wapuu was thrilled when we told him we discovered that an Instax camera could help us take old Polaroid-style photos he wanted!

He immediately ordered the camera & 500 pictures to immortalize his trip to WordCamp Europe in Vienna with all his friends. You can see how Wapuu implemented his Polaroid-style photos idea in the video.

Feel free to share your Wapuu picture with us via Twitter and Facebook. You can send us your photos with Wapuu at your home or your favourite locations. The Eiffel Tower? The Big Ben? Your home’s deck? By the pool? Join Wapuu and show us where you guys hang around! Use #whereiswapuunow as hashtag to let us share the love!

We’re all looking forward to meet you again next year in Paris for WordCamp Europe 2017.



Alex Preukschat

A WordPress publisher since 2008, Alex loves the open source Internet. During his many years of publishing experience, he had been missing a tool to help online publishers to quickly add affordable images to WordPress, without having to worry about legal issues. This is why he decided to create PixelRockstar with Amos. Alex is interested in superheroes, monetary policy and Bitcoin.

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